Administration and tax: tax consultancy

Tax Consultancy

The enhancement of tax oppurtunities in ordinary and extraordinary transactions, ensuring compliance with regulations

Consulenza amministrativa e fiscale


  • Providing companies with the optimization of the fiscal variable, in the context of both ordinary management, enhancing regulatory opportunities, and extraordinary management of the company.


  • Facilitating the Administrative management of partnerships and capital companies for:
    • ordinary and extraordinary consultancy activities, including preparation of ordinary financial statements
    • preparation of consolidated balance sheets
    • budget analysis
    • improvement of the treasury system
    • administrative assistance for governance operations (determining optimum governance setup, preparation of specific points, etc.)
    • Due Diligence, accounting and financial activities, appraisals, etc.


  • Following and implementing decisions about the best corporate structure to meet the needs of key people, observing maximum efficiency in relation to the needs and evolution of the entrepreneurial business.

Our challenges


Successfully guide companies into the realms of global development:
 internationalisation business consulting.

Administration and tax

Ensure respect for regulations and make the most of tax opportunities in ordinary and extraordinary operations: tax consultancy.

Strategy and results

Plan the best development strategy and measure results together: business plan consulting.

Family and business

Ensure that the dynamics of family businesses, ownership and business management function correctly: family business consultancy.

Art and business

Sostenere l’arte e il contemporaneo come valori universali, privilegiando quelle iniziative che per tradizione e pubblico sono amate e riconosciute a livello nazionale ed internazionale.

Who we are

A cutting-edge international structure, R&P Consulting has been operating in the business sector for more than forty years to help small, medium and large companies to manage tax opportunities in ordinary and extraordinary transactions.


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