Art and business

We have made an art of marketing and of art the most
extraordinary and innovative marketing tool.

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Art is investment and growth

Since several years now, R&P Consulting has chosen to support the universal values conveyed by art and the contemporary expression, privileging those initiatives loved by the public and sculpted by tradition, nationally and internationally, like the exhibition “Solo figura e sfondo”, first of the series Courtesy Emilia Romagna, promoted by Artefiera in 2019.

Contemporary art brings together investment and growth, culture and business and it can shape a new economic scenario.

The business world is increasingly looking to creativity and innovation, as a source of inspiration. From these roots and this passion comes the desire to promote a new form of entrepreneurship, linked to the world of contemporary art.

Create relationships

Sara Zambon, Independent Art Advisor.
She has always been passionate about all the forms of art and has made art not only her passion but also her profession.

She started her career in the Junk Market (the market of aspiring artists), growing professionally later in the Alternative Market (the market of emerging artists). Moreover she worked in a managerial role for an important Italian gallery with artistic research linked to the themes of sustainability.

Her role was creating relationships, promote artists’ projects and building customer-collector loyalty.

She is an expert in the valorization of emerging and pre-emerging artists and in building solid relationships, her mission is to bring more and more people closer to the contemporary art market, explaining to them what it means today to invest in young talents and advising them according to their feelings.


Bringing the “general public” closer to the works of emerging and pre-emerging artists, with the aim of building together a path of investment and growth.


Supporting artists, collectors and companies in the creation of value through beauty, embracing universal values ​​in the contemporary art scenario.


  • Research of emerging and pre-emerging artists
  • Enhancement of the research carried out by artists in order to make them distinguishable on the market
  • Promotion of meeting opportunities to bring the artists and the public closer together
  • Accompaniment in the path of increasing the value of the artworks over time


  • Enhancement of existing collections
  • Identification and promotion of works by emerging and pre-emerging artists, which meet the preferences of collectors, and which can be qualified as a lasting investment over time, in full compliance with the physiological growth path of the artist


  • Use of art as a tool for asset growth
  • Use of art as a brand awareness tool, through:
  1. Internal corporate events
  2. Sponsorship of event and exhibitions
  3. Use of company spaces as temporary exhibitions
  4. Support in adequate communication with the outside world