doing business in uae

Italian excellences and development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

R&P Consulting has been operating in the Middle East since 2002 and in 2019 it has opened an operational branch in Dubai, to better support the entry into the Middle Eastern market for its customers.

The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, refers to one of the branches of the Royal Family of Dubai, and actively works to facilitate the entry and development of foreign companies in the UAE market, selecting excellences and cases of success (

The trusted relationship built over time between the two entities has led to the birth in Milan of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum Private Office Italy srl, building a bridge of privileged access for Italian companies that want to accelerate their business development in the UAE, through qualified Business Development team and excellent relations, together with the effective management of cultural differences.

Doing business in UAE

How we work

Through a step-by-step process of deepening and mutual understanding, we verify the requirements and critical success factors of the company that guarantee the success of the deal and we evaluate the opportunity with the entrepreneur through a business case. At least we drive the company in the progressive knowledge and evaluation of the project. The Executive Committee of The Private Office completes the assessment on the basis of a company dossier that will be presented, to confirm the interest and the opportunity on both sides and sign a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding at the base of the business development plan in the UAE.


Companies selection: critical success factors

Objective requirements and criteria verification


Interest evaluation

Rating of company’s opportunities



Presentation of the company dossier in Dubai and feedback from the Executive Committee


Memorandum of understanding dealing

Dealing and signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)


Operative setup Incorporation Operating licenses Bank account opening Starting business development activities

Doing business in UAE

Challenges and solutions

Knowledge and competence

About the characteristics of the market, the opportunities connected to the relevant regulations, the rapid changes that characterize these markets and the change of balance, the local culture.

A pool of professionals specialized in internationalization, able to answer questions and illustrate business opportunities based on specific, timely and updated skills.

Access channels

In a cultural context strongly based on trusted relations, the role of a sponsor can greatly influence business results, allowing qualified access to the main business opportunities.

The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum allows access to key public and private opportunities, and provides specific Business Development support to companies.

Confidence and prejudice

Many barriers are given by the lack of trust between the parties involved, often based on prejudices and misunderstandings generated by a cultural gap and not just linguistic differences.

The trusted relationship is progressively built up. The role of R&P Consulting and its professionals stands as a guarantor and “cultural intermediary” to allow the parties to know and appreciate each other in order to make the professional relationship productive and effective.

Critical success factors

Disctinctive and excellent product (Unique Selling Proposition)

Knowledge of international markets

Organizational ability to face new challenges, which may also include relevant product increase

Human ability to successfully manage cultural gap

Financial ability to support an important international development plan

Rapid decision-making and entrepreneurial vision

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