Family and business

Ensure that the dynamics of family businesses, ownership and business management function correctly.

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Family business advisory

Analyse, define and implement solutions which favour business continuity and the development/growth of the entrepreneurial family throughout the various phases of the company’s lifestyle, from start-up to development, consolidation, management of difficult moments and relaunch plans. All this is done in consideration of the challenges posed by new generations of a family entering the business, by families coexisting in the same company and by succession at the head of the business (so-called generational passage).

Facilitate the decision-making process between family members.

Help in the implementation phase for the decisions taken.

Family Office

Analyse family needs and structure a Family Office service which fits these needs and the nature of the assets being managed (asset protection, asset allocation, geographical location, restrictions, intended use etc.).

Create and manage advanced tools such as Trusts and Foundations.