Family and Business: family business consultancy

Family business consultancy

Family business consultancy; the dynamic of family businesses, ownership and decison-making processes in family managed companies

Consulenza azienda familiare


  • Examining, defining and developing solutions that allow the continuity of the business and the development/increase of the entrepreneurial family in the various phases of the company’s business life, from start-up to growth, consolidation, control of difficult moments and recovery plans. All this taking into consideration the challenges brought by the entry into the family business of the new generations, the cohabitation of the family unit within the company and the succession in the management of the company (the so-called generational transition).
  • Help the decision-making process between family members.
  • Support and guide in the implementation phase of the decisions made.


  • Understand family needs and structure Family Offices that reflects these needs and the characteristics of the assets managed (asset protection, asset allocation, geographical location, constraints, intended use etc.).
  • Analyzing and managing important tools, such as Trusts and Foundations.

Our challenges


Successfully guide companies into the realms of global development:
 internationalisation business consulting.

Administration and tax

Ensure respect for regulations and make the most of tax opportunities in ordinary and extraordinary operations: tax consultancy.

Strategy and results

Plan the best development strategy and measure results together: business plan consulting.

Family and business

Ensure that the dynamics of family businesses, ownership and business management function correctly: family business consultancy.

Art and business

Sostenere l’arte e il contemporaneo come valori universali, privilegiando quelle iniziative che per tradizione e pubblico sono amate e riconosciute a livello nazionale ed internazionale.

R&P Consulting, for over forty years in the field of family business consultancy

The family and the company represent a very widespread economic-business combination in the Italian territory, for over forty years R&P Consulting has been committed to guaranteeing the economic and financial well-being of the company; in fact, constant and dedicated family business consultancy is the best way to increase your family business.


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